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Please contact us if you are interested in our services as an EU Representative under Art. 27 GDPR. In a free and non-binding initial consultation, we will inform you regardless of whether you want to nominate a Representative or a Data Protection Officer, conduct a data privacy audit or provide staff training for your employees. We advise you and your company personally, comprehensively and with legal competent in the UK, the EU, and across the world.

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The ongoing support in data protection matters is done predominantly computer-aided via the OBSECOM Data Protection Platform (ODP), to which your company members will have access. The ODP offers these features:

  • Documentation of technical and organizational measures;
  • Identify contractual arrangements for data processing;
  • Create a register of data processing procedures;
  • Templates for creating privacy statements and responding to inquiries;
  • Submit information for review and get approval by your Data Protection Officer;
  • Record data privacy breaches;
  • Templates and Checklists for relevant data privacy matters;
  • Task management with reminders to check necessary actions;
  • Data privacy procedures, Impact Assessment, and Risk Analysis;
  • Storing your own documents (contracts, declarations, etc.) in a document library;
  • Training materials and videos for employees