External data protection officer for notaries

Our expertise: data protection for notary offices

As public officials, notaries are required to appoint a data protection officer regardless of the number of employees. As an external data protection officer, the team of OBSECOM GmbH is your competent contact for data protection issues in notary’s offices and advises you comprehensively and personally with extensive experience from existing mandates.

As holders of professional secrecy, notaries are already obliged to maintain confidentiality under the BNotO, but the EU General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) has a broader focus than the protection of professional secrecy and supplements professional obligations in areas not covered by the BNotO, the DONot and the BeurkG. As holders of a public office, notaries are also obliged under Article 37(1)(a) of the GDPR to appoint a data protection officer irrespective of the number of employees, but should not themselves be data protection officers due to conflicts of interest. The appointment of own employees also requires an appropriate qualification in data protection law.

As an external data protection officer, the OBSECOM GmbH team is your contact for data protection issues in your notary’s office. We do not limit ourselves to checklists and questionnaires. With a legal background and many years of experience in the field of IT security, we provide your law firm with comprehensive, personal advice and propose practicable solutions to make your data processing compliant with data protection law. We are familiar with the special types of data processing in notary’s offices and ask the right questions to adequately assess the technical and organizational standard required to protect the data entrusted to you.

Data protection for notary offices

Our services

As external data protection officers, we record the current status of data protection measures with a detailed data protection audit and develop documentation and templates:

  • Creation of a directory of processing activities
  • Recording of commissioned processing
  • Documentation of technical and organizational measures
  • Recording of commissioned data processing and identification of existing contractual regulations
  • Preparation of data protection information for data subjects (e.g. clients, employees, website, …)

In the ongoing support we support you with:

  • Training materials and videos for employees
  • Templates for responding to inquiries
  • Processes for handling data privacy violations
  • Processes for data protection impact assessment and risk analysis
  • Logging of data protection violations
  • Checklists for data privacy-related topics
  • Task management with reminders for checking necessary measures

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Birte Freu Datenschutzbeauftragte (GDDCert. EU) BIRTE FREY
Birte Frey serves as OBSECOM GmbH’s data protection officer with a focus on notary offices and will be happy to answer your questions about data protection in notary offices.

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