OBSECOM GmbH offers data protection services for various sectors.

EU Representative GDPR

EU Representative under Article 27 GDPR

Under Article 27 GDPR, a non-EU company must appoint an EU Representative if personal data of data subjects in the EU are processed in connection with the offer of goods and services or the monitoring of the behaviour of data subjects. OBSECOM GmbH provides EU Representative services for companies outside the EU. Learn more about EU Representative under Article 27 GDPR

Data protection health organisations

Data Protection for healthcare organisations

We support organisations in the healthcare sector (for example, hospitals, care facilities, general practitioners, care centres) as external Data Protection Officers and advise your organisation personally and competently regarding your obligations under the GDPR and other data protection regulations. Learn more about data protection for healthcare organisations

data protection for notaries

Data protection for notaries

As holders of a public office, notaries are under an obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer. The team of the OBSECOM GmbH is your contact for data protection issues in your notary’s office and advises you comprehensively and personally with extensive experience from existing mandates. Learn more about data protection for notaries